Seiko Sciences --- Your Global Energy Partner

Seiko Sciences, an International Trading and Supply Company, is an active market participant in the international marketing and trading of crude oil and the related refined products and by products. Linked by the strategy, technology and commercial integration between upstream and downstream operations, we provide crude oil and refined products at the right time, to the right markets, at the best price.

Partnered with major oil companies all over the world, our Crude Supply and Trading group manages trading for all major crude oil grades. Through the purchasing and marketing of substantial crude oil production volumes, we fulfill the requirements of the company's global refining and product networks.

With our trading and business development offices worldwide, Seiko Science engages in the global supply, trading and logistics of jet fuel, diesel, fuel oil, naphtha, gas oil, gasoline and petroleum coke products for world-wide customers.

By leveraging its downstream strategy, knowledge of commodity markets and technology, Seiko Science achieves the highest value for refinery production and the lowest-cost supply for global marketing needs.

Partnered with major engineering enterprise, Seiko Science also provides customers with oil production related equipment and one-stop technical service. Seiko Science is the exclusive international marketing and trading agent for Kerui Group. Based at China’s second largest oilfield-Shengli Oilfield, Kerui Group is a fast-developed and comprehensive international enterprise group, which engages in the research, development and manufacture of high-tech petroleum equipment, providing technical service for oilfield integrated engineering and suppling oilfield comprehensive solutions and EPC turnkey project. Kerui Group owns China Shengli petroleum and petrochemical R&D center, Shandong offshore drilling equipment engineering and technology center, Kerui petroleum engineering and technology research institute. Kerui extends its service station and warehouses in 37 countries all over the world and owns more than 60 service teams for drilling and workover operation, coiled tubing technical service, fracturing service, under balance drilling service and thickened oil recovery service.

Seiko Sciences is striving to capture the greatest value for our oil products in a constantly evolving market environment.

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