The ship is tugboat for Offshore Supply Vessel, which sails in offshore area.

The boat is mainly used for offshore supply for offshore boat operation, barge and oil platforms and other facilities, including proper shipment of deck-cargo, external oil and water supply; and also used for weigh anchor, towing and external fire-fighting.


Main Dimensions

Length of overall:   58.800m

Length of design water Line: 56.500m

Length between perpendiculars:  51.500m

Breadth:  14.00m

Depth:   6.50m

T-Design:  5.00m

T-MAX:   5.35M

TScantling :5.525m

Number of Sailors:  16 person + 10 person (stand-by)

Towing tension:

At the Maximum continuous power of the host, Just drag the bollard pull ~68t, reverse towing bollard pull ~60t.

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